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The present position: TopIt is municipal administration information of the inside of thisIt is social security, tax number (my number) system of the inside of this
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About social security, tax number system (my number system)

Update information


With my number system

My number refers number of one one toward all having Certificate of Residence and manages information effectively in social security, tax, the field of anti-disaster measures and is utilized to confirm that personal information to exist to plural engines is information of equivalence person.

Three merits

● Fairness, fair social realization
Grasp the receipt situation of income and other administrative services, and translate; prevent that receive thing and payment to avoid burden unfairly illegally to become, and is really smooth in which is in trouble; come to be able to support.
● Improvement of convenience of the nation
Administrative procedure including reduction of Attached document is simplified, and burden on nation is reduced. In addition, we confirm own information that administration has and become able to receive news of various services from administration.
● Administrative efficiency
Time and labor needing for collation, posting, input of various information in administration or local public entity are largely reduced. Cooperation between plural duties advances, and waste such as overlap of work comes to be reduced.

Main schedule

1.From October, 2015, my number (personal number) is notified one all of you alone of

From October, 2015, my number (personal number) is notified one all of you alone of
12 columns of my numbers (personal number) are notified of toward all having Certificate of Residence, and notice of my number card is sent to address of Certificate of Residence.
※Notice card, personal number card grant application image

Notice card

2.From January, 2016, my number is necessary for social security, tax, administrative procedure of anti-disaster measures

My number is usable only for office work to establish in the regulations of local public entity by office work to be similar to administrative procedure and these established in law in social security, tax, the field of anti-disaster measures.
  • The field of social security: Procedures such as payment, welfare, medical insurance, pension of the welfare
  • The field of tax: Procedure of tax such as Final income tax return
  • The field of anti-disaster measures: Making of victim account book, payment of money for support of reconstructing livelihoods of disaster victims

3.Grant of personal number card

Personal number card is issued to one hoped for. Personal number card is IC card with photograph of the face which we can use as identity verification documents.
Grant application is sent in conjunction with notice card.
※Personal number card image
                (table)                         (the back)

card omote

card ura

About office work using my number

About office work using my number of Kanazawa-shi, look at the next link.

About number, Identification when we offer my number

Strict "confirmation (number confirmation) of my number" and "Identification" by the my number method are required to prevent nari risumashio when we receive offer (submission) of my number.
For details, look at the next link.

Securing of relief, security of personal information

  • The use, collection of my numbers is prohibited except thing with rule by law
  • My number is managed appropriately by third-party organization or watches and supervises
  • When we violate law, we strengthen penal regulations in comparison with before
  • We carry out decentralized management without managing personal information unitarily
  • Conduct of specific personal information protection evaluation              

Please be careful about suspicious calls that took advantage of my number system

●We hear account number or family constitution in conjunction with my number system and may not require money.
●Please be careful about product sale that exaggerated difficulty of my number for safety management or unjust invitation enough.
●Request to "want you to lend your name and my number" is trick of fraud.
●As for public institutions of Kanazawa-shi asking about my number using telephone, absolute.
Alternatively, you warn enough suspicious telephone, email, letter, visit that talked about my number system, and little, please talk about uneasiness with consumer service center and consumers hot line (telephone 188) if you feel.

<as for the consultation to this>
 Oumicho, Kanazawa-shi consumer service center telephone 076-232-0070 weekdays and third Sunday 9:00-17:00

To all of companies

All of private business people handles my number, too.
Please make preparations for system.
Main duties necessary for system introduction
① Scrubbed finish of duties about documents listing my number
② Scrubbed finish (employee or outside business partner) of target person collecting my numbers
③ We make rule in the company about the handling, operational rule of my number.
④ It is well-known to target person about my number collection
⑤ We collect my numbers
⑥ We perform Identification (for Identification, we need documents which can identify birth and parentage as documents which can identify my number)
⑦ We keep my number which we collected safely.
⑧ We submit documents which listed my number to tax office or city hall
⑨ We discard my number if not necessary.
  Correspondence to these duties is usually licensed tax accountant and social insurance consultant, consultant and duties committee with acquaintance
  We recommend what is talked about with experts of message.

About detailed contents of system, look at the following link.

Detailed information about my number

About detailed contents of system, look at the following link

Inquiry about notice card of my number (personal number), personal number card


●Community Service Division Civil Department my number charge
 Phone number 076-220-2150    FAX number: 076-224-2163
 Mail: shimin@city.kanazawa.lg.jp

●My number synthesis toll free number [country (Cabinet Office)]

0120-95-0178 (free)

Reception hours: Weekdays morning 9: 30 - 20:00
     Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays morning 9: 30 - 17:30 (except New Year holidays)

※When you do not lead to the dial mentioned above with some IP telephone, please call the following numbers back.

・Thing about overall my number system        
 050-3816-9405 (pay)
・"Notice card," it is thing about "personal number card" 
 050-3818-1250 (pay)

※It supports foreign language (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese).
(Telephone Consultation in foreign languages)

 ・Thing about overall my number system        
 0120-0178-26 (free)
 ・"Notice card," it is thing about "personal number card" 
 0120-0178-27 (free)

 (about language except English, it becomes correspondence to 9:30-20:00 on weekdays.)
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