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It is located now: TopIt is Kanazawa-shi formula YouTube channel of the inside of this
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Kanazawa-shi formula YouTube channel

It is formal YouTube (YouTube) channel of Kanazawa-shi.
Documentary to introduce charm of Kanazawa to releases various programs and videos including "Kanazawa backside expeditionary party" introducing the backside of "treasure of Kanazawa" and facility which cannot be usually included.

Kanazawa-shi promotion movie COLOR THEORY FOR KANAZAWA

Kanazawa-shi promotion movie COLOR THEORY FOR KANAZAWA

It is charm dispatch movie of Kanazawa getting suit ­ in sensitivity of person seeing who does traditional "Kaga five colors" (indigo plant, dark purple, crimson ­, yellow ocher, grass) in motif, and edited the beauty of Kanazawa who continues giving off everlasting charm more than time by beautiful picture and sound every color.
It was the same level as rich nature and color of the four seasons, historic town, and collecting ­ did Traditional craft, traditional arts, meal, individuality of deep Kanazawa who knew the world including casual modern architecture to represent ­ and Kanazawa every day and various charm.

Promotion movie "Asano River night"

Asano River night

 Lighting maintenance in 4 bridge of Tenjinbashi that appeared in historic area that represented Motoichi in last December, plum no bridge, bridge of Asano River Ohashi, the inside was completed.
 Staff of city performed shooting of drone and editing this time and put Taste of light which melted into beauty and town of emphasized bridge by lighting maintenance in picture.

Kanazawa-shi emigration promotion video "Kanazawa beauty house"

Kanazawa beauty house

 With beautiful picture letting you feel charm of Kanazawa, we introduce work and child care environment in own emigration experience and Kanazawa, state of everyday life in viewpoint of immigrant of child care generation.
 It is person examining emigration, video which can image lifestyle after emigration in future feeling uneasiness for emigration again now.
 Beautiful cityscape remains, and do you not live on Kanazawa proud of superior living environment, too?

In "Kanazawa, we work."

In Kanazawa, we work.

Through person who makes company in Kanazawa, and works, we convey charm of doing company in Kanazawa.
Three people who make company in Kanazawa, and hold each hot thought, and work.
Various people and Kanazawa whom what we want to do by taking community accelerates more and more.
Town where Kanazawa stimulates Gokan from high maturity degree of culture.
Genre is different, but we are impressed deeply with charm of such Kanazawa, and, as for three people, it works.
Do you not consider that "you make company in Kanazawa and live" as choice of your life?

Kanazawa food culture dispatch picture "feast onomatopoeia"

Feast onomatopoeia

­ expresses feast of taste, sight, hearing, sense of smell, Kanazawa feeling with tactile Gokan using animation of picture drawn with a single stroke of the brush and live-action film with full of a feeling of sizzle with various onomatopoeia (gi ­ sound word, mimetic word).
Production was thing by Hakuhodo, and person of picture product ­ of Kanazawa university of arts alumnus, Kazuhiko Okushita dealt with animation of picture drawn with a single stroke of the brush. It is not only ingredient and is not only recipe and is finished in picture work which can feel profundity of food culture ­ of Kanazawa.

With food culture promotion video "picture tasting Kanazawa" of Kanazawa

With picture tasting Kanazawa

It is promotion video which included charm of food culture of Kanazawa such as Kaga dishes, ingredients, cake, refined sake, container abundantly.
Shinya Nakajima of CM director on behalf of Japan supervises, and Kenji Kawai of composer is in charge of music and expresses food culture of Kanazawa as beautiful picture in music.

Municipal administration introduction special episode ("we look for Kanazawa in Kaga ground Itabashi related to feudal clan")

It is looked for Kanazawa in Kaga ground Itabashi related to feudal clan

We deepen friendship and cooperation and we aim at expansion of number of visitors/exchange population and, in cooperation with each other, send municipal administration information from different angles including connection with city.

Documentary "treasure of Kanazawa"

Treasure of Kanazawa

Documentary to introduce attractive scenery and culture of Kanazawa to in series.
Celebrity of each field becomes navigator and leads you to Kanazawa.
We can know Kanazawa more deeply.

A lot comfortable! Kanazawa living

A lot comfortable! Kanazawa living

We send advantageous information so that living in Kanazawa becomes a lot comfortable when we know various support systems and approaches of Kanazawa-shi!

Municipal administration variety "Kanazawa backside expeditionary party"

Kanazawa backside expeditionary party

If there is table, in the world, there is the back. The backside not to be usually outstanding. But the back supports the world.
Well, we will expose the other side to light. Go! Backside expeditionary party!
We sometimes sometimes introduce the backside of facility and duties of Kanazawa-shi seriously happily!

Attractive dispatch! "Kanazawa promotion CM"

Attractive dispatch! Kanazawa promotion CM

Using catch phrase "new Kanazawa, is ashamed circle." to publicize the Hokuriku Shinkansen Kanazawa opening of business introduce in commercial and promotion CM publicizing TV and Kanazawa including "iine Kanazawa sound logo" used as jingle of radio.

"Collection of short story videos" which knows charm of Kanazawa easily

"Collection of short story videos" which knows charm of Kanazawa easily

We introduce picture that "night view of Kanazawa" of quiet touch is beautiful and short story picture which condensed charm of Kanazawa including "go on a trip to kanazawa" representing trip to Kanazawa in music.

Other videos

Other videos

Kanazawa-shi formula YouTube channel has, in addition, many attractive videos.

Mayor Kanazawa regular news conference

We deliver Mayor Kanazawa regular news conference in YouTube.
"Welcome please see from to mayor room".


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