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The present position: TopIt is municipal administration information of the inside of thisIt is public information, program, SNS of the inside of thisIt is Kanazawa-shi formula YouTube channel from this
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Kanazawa-shi formula YouTube channel

With Kanazawa-shi formula YouTube channel, we introduce charm of Kanazawa.

Virtual KANAZAWA experience - KANAZAWA360 °


In the spots of meal of Kanazawa who could not readily usually enter, 360-degree camera infiltrated! With picture full of a sense of reality, please enjoy virtual Kanazawa experience. (you can see 360-degree video by Google Chrome or smartphone YouTube formula application)

Kanazawa-shi promotion movie COLOR THEORY FOR KANAZAWA

Kanazawa-shi promotion movie COLOR THEORY FOR KANAZAWA

It is charm dispatch movie of Kanazawa getting suit ­ in sensitivity of people to see who do traditional "Kaga five colors" (indigo plant, dark purple, crimson ­, yellow ocher, grass) in motif, and edited the beauty by beautiful picture and sound for each color in Kanazawa who continues giving off everlasting charm more than time.

Promotion movie "Asano River night"

The Asano River night

Lighting maintenance in Tenjinbashi built over historic area on behalf of Kanazawa, plum no bridge, 4 bridge of Asanogawa-ohashi Bridge, Nakano Bridge was completed.
City officials performed shooting of drone and editing this time and put Taste of light which melted into beauty and town of emphasized bridge by lighting maintenance in picture.

"Let's speak the teaching materials for sign language learning by sign language"

Let's talk by sign language

In Kanazawa-shi, we establish the sign language language regulations and work on the spread of sign language.

The sign language learning teaching materials are 18 times of substantial series that "let's talk by sign language" covered conversation according to situation from self-introduction.

Video for but "it is anywhere anytime brain live program" explanation

It is brain live program anywhere anytime

It was healthy and seemed to be oneself and made "brain live program for the purpose of being continued living anywhere anytime" by preventing Dementia, and wanting to maintain health, and choosing program in total, and utilizing to oneself each.
We choose program in total and will work on physical condition and place of the day, family to perform together even from one one.
The supervision: (public corporation) Ishikawa occupational therapist society

Kanazawa clock making picture

Kanazawa clock making picture

With Kanazawa-shi government building Susumu open space digital signage, the time signal movie "Kanazawa clock" which Kanazawa College of Arts sight design major student produced tells about the time every hour.

We settled state of students who worked on "Kanazawa clock" production to making picture.

Municipal administration public information program "Kanazawa cable report to click the like button" on

Kanazawa cable report to click the like button on

We tell about new approach of information and municipal administration to be useful for living of Kanazawa by report.

Once a month update.

Documentary "treasure of Kanazawa"

Treasure of Kanazawa

Do you not take a trip to slightly deep Kanazawa with picture?

Documentary to tell about breath of people in background in scenery and culture of Kanazawa through long-term coverage.

The farm products introduction program "jiwamon front line" of Kanazawa

The jiwamon front line

"Kaga vegetable" supporting food culture of Kanazawa, it is farm products such as "Kanazawa Sodachi". We visited shop floor to investigate secret of the taste. We introduce delicious recipe.

Introduce the real face of athlete; "hit directly! Kanazawa athlete"

Direct hit! Kanazawa athlete

Athletes who left sports stadium think about what kind of thing, and what kind of life do they live? Off face of athlete wants to peep out.

Therefore it approached the real face of athletes who played an active part in Kanazawa.

Mayor Kanazawa regular news conference

Mayor Kanazawa regular news conference

It is archive of past Mayor Kanazawa regular news conference.

Live video delivers in YouTube Live.
"Welcome please see from to the mayor room".


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