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The present position: TopIt is municipal administration information of the inside of thisIt is public information, program, SNS of the inside of thisIt is Kanazawa community channel from this
We display page for print

Kanazawa community channel

 It is community channel of Kanazawa-shi to broadcast in "031ch" of Kanazawa cable.
 "Treasure of Kanazawa" and "Kanazawa cable report to click the like button" on broadcast assembly broadcast, rebroadcast of terrestrial public information program. (even channel broadcasts some programs other than cable TV.)
 In broadcast schedule of Kanazawa community channel, please see the following programs.

Kanazawa cable report (30 minutes in total) to click the like button on

It is 30-minute program consisting of five corners.
Other than Kanazawa community channel, we broadcast "even the palpitation Q hi-vision".
  • Kanazawa community channel (digital 031ch, days broadcast)
  • The palpitation Q hi-vision (digital 009ch, every Monday 12:00 ...)

It is let's by corona evil! Sports - Kanazawa City Sports Organization ... (nine minutes)

It is let's by corona evil! Sports - Kanazawa City Sports Organization ...

It was sports facility of Kanazawa-shi where closing continued for 1:00 period, but we were taking measures of new coronavirus infectious disease now, and user came back little by little.

Everybody exercises, too, and let's refresh mind and body!

We actually report the Paralympics item, boccia of the next year this time! We introduce "young power" project and infectious disease measures.

Direct hit! Kanazawa athlete - Hokkoku Bank handball club honey bi... (12 minutes)

Kanazawa direct hit athlete

Of this time "direct hit! Kanazawa athlete is Hokkoku Bank handball club honey bee!

As for the 2019-20 season, is the seventh time in Japanese handball league for 6 consecutive years; won the championship. It is skilled player who achieved "quattro crown" in conjunction with the "all-Japan member of society championship" "national polity" "Japan championship".
It becomes team bullet and, toward further leap, works on exercise.

Child care navigator (for three minutes, we update every month on 1st and 16th)

Child care navigator

We introduce WHAT'S COOL, event about child care.
From December 1 to December 15zokusakijidokan
From December 16 to December 31Miwa children's house

Pickup Kanazawa (for five minutes, we update every month on 1st and 16th)

Pickup Kanazawa

We will tell about news about semimonthly municipal administration in the past.

News (one minute, every month 1st update) from Kanazawa-shi

  • We tell about news from Kanazawa-shi.

Documentary "treasure of Kanazawa"

It is documentary to introduce attractive scenery and culture of Kanazawa to in series.

Treasure "construction of Kanazawa culture" of Kanazawa

Building culture of Kanazawa

Kanazawa who can taste excellent building of various times because we avoided big disaster and War damage.
This "treasure of Kanazawa" surrounds building group which accumulated history like annual ring.

Treasure "fish - skill and invention - of delicious Kanazawa" of Kanazawa


Fish of Kanazawa who is popular among tourists. Why is fish of Kanazawa delicious?
This "treasure of Kanazawa" introduces invention and approach by people and cook to be engaged in distribution to have you eat fish as tsugumatakakosano navigator deliciously.

Treasure "world - of new flower in full bloom Mitsuchaya-cho - tradition Kanazawa geisha inheriting" of Kanazawa

Kanazawa geisha

Three new face geishas who made higashi, and were born in Mitsuchaya-cho of Kazuemachi.
This "treasure of Kanazawa" introduces the world of geisha through state and interview of everyday lesson of this "new flower".

Treasure "how to walk kitchen Omicho-ichiba Market of Kanazawa of Kanazawa citizen"

Omicho-ichiba Market

Anything is prepared market from ingredients such as fishery products of type that kitchen "Omicho-ichiba Market" of Kanazawa citizen is various, vegetables, meat, side dish to life article. About 180 stores are linking the eaves now when we include restaurant.
This "kinsawakoretakarabutsu" fully introduces this and that of attractive point of Omicho-ichiba Market attracting attention from all over Japan and unknown history by the Hokuriku Shinkansen opening of business now.

Treasure "- to protect gusset of activity - oneself by oneself of Kanazawa-shi firefighting team" of Kanazawa

Firefighting team

 It is said that town fireman is forerunner of firefighting team as fire station organization protecting town from fire by life of general Yoshimune for eight generations in the Edo era. Even Kanazawa "protects their gussets by oneself", and this thought is inherited to the present age.
 This "treasure of Kanazawa" spotlights member of our firefighting team playing an active part near.

Treasure "fermentation food of Kanazawa supporting meal of Kanazawa"

Treasure fermentation food of Kanazawa

Do you not hear the word "fermentation food" well for these past several years?
Because Kanazawa was blessed with delicious rice and high quality water, we were tied to a variety of fermented food and formed unique food culture brought up by climate and natural features .
We introduce about fermentation food supporting meal of Kanazawa in treasure of this Kanazawa.

The treasure "Kanazawa seafood seasonal foods and a person's skill" of Kanazawa

Treasure Kanazawa seafood seasonal foods of Kanazawa and a person's skill

 Kanazawa that we are blessed with fresh seafood, and there is much leading rain, snow in the whole country.
 Crab fishing is lifted the ban on in November, and the training of Local dish, Kabura-zushi which is indispensable to dishes begins every year for New Year holidays.
 In treasure of this Kanazawa, cooks introduce charm of Kanazawa dishes who made use of seasonal foods.

Assembly broadcast (March, June, September, December)

We broadcast plenary session of Kanazawa-shi assembly by live broadcast.
We make taped broadcast on the plenary session next day (18:00 ...).
  • City Council schedule


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Phone number 076-220-2033
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