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The present position: TopIt is municipal administration information of the inside of thisIt is metropolitan area large oval gold coin swamp brightness dispatch course from this
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Metropolitan area large oval gold coin swamp brightness dispatch course

Kanazawa living

May we tell charm of Kanazawa living that we are not informed to us in brochure and the media?

 We are resident in metropolitan area and perform delivery lecture "metropolitan area large oval gold coin swamp brightness dispatch course" targeting at meetings such as connection, group, group, company with interest to Kanazawa. Please contact casually.

To three major urban areas local city of two and a half hours only as for Kanazawa!

 Access from metropolitan area improved by the Hokuriku Shinkansen markedly. We want many people to know charm of Kanazawa let alone emigration and two area residence thinking about as one, employment and company having dream more! It is course made of such thought. 


Held summary

Held object

  • We intend for meeting of group, group, company planning almost more than 20 participation.
  • But please refer individually as there is theme intending for small group.


  • Please choose theme you like among employment, company, house, student life, list of themes including new charm of Kanazawa (JPEG: 185KB).        
  • Please consult if he/she wants to know in thing about Kanazawa other than the list of themes.

Held venue

  • Group applied for, please perform security, preparations, progress of held venue.


  • When venue costs or other expenses occur, group applied for, please bear.
  • Expense (we include slight document charges.) required for dispatch of the staff is unnecessary.

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From application to holding

  1. You decide theme and holding hope date and time you like beforehand, and please contact Kanazawa-shi Public Information Department. (as you need adjustment in schedule, within three weeks before held preferred date, apply.)
  2. As we contact from post in charge of each course theme after the adjustment in schedule, I would like detailed meeting.
  3. On the day of the holding, the staff visits venue and has a talk along theme.

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Urban Policy Division Public Information Department
Phone number 076-220-2033
FAX number: 076-220-2030

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