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The present position: TopIt is municipal administration information of the inside of thisIt is Kanazawa brightness dispatch course from this
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Kanazawa brightness dispatch course

 "104" town development of Kanazawa-shi that we want to convey to want you to hear by all means
There is.
... which talks about "now of Kanazawa" that ... you want to know in your town
 Kanazawa-shi makes use of individuality and charm and collects person, thing, information from home and abroad and aims at creation of new value and sustained "interchange base city" that continues developing through the interchange.
 To that end, in cooperation with citizen, we want to raise power of town of Kanazawa more!
 It is course made of such thought.
 The staff visits workshop and meetings such as area, the workplace, circle, group directly and introduces town development business pushing forward with charm of town and citizen's Kanazawa.
 Please utilize Kanazawa brightness dispatch course very much.

Held summary

Held object

  • Meetings such as various groups apply citizen group planning more than 10 participation.
     (e.g.,: town assembly, Public hall, women's society, school, PTA, company, volunteer group, NPO, circle, group)
  • Please refrain from using course for commercial purpose and politics, religious activity.
  • As it is not course to ask about specific request and opinion, it, please be understood.


  • As we prepared for 104 themes, "town development full of vitality," "the making of living that is reliable by security", please choose theme you like as five genres of "the making of bond of cooperation and cooperation" "individuality is made with stardust" "making of person bringing up the future".
        ・List of 2019 themes (2,318 kbytes)pdf
  • In addition, please consult about other themes as we accept request.

On the date

  • We hold on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In time to hold course, it is until 9:00 p.m. from 10:00 a.m.
  • Course per once plans less than one hour.

Held venue

  • Group applied for, please perform security, preparations, progress of held venue.


  • When venue costs or other expenses occur, group applied for, please bear.
  • Expense (we include slight document charges.) required for dispatch of the staff is unnecessary.

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From application to holding

  1. Please select the held date and time desired as theme you like. (as you may need adjustment in schedule, please list until the third hope in held preferred date.)
    • You mail to application after filling out the requirements within 15 days before held preferred date, and apply to Public Information Department (※) by FAX or E-mail. There is one of just spider which we propose to (※), department in charge directly, and there was. About applicable theme and contact information, look at the end of list of themes.
    • List of 2019 themes (2,318 kbytes)pdf
  2. I would like meeting of the details in what contact from department in charge of theme that there was you like after the reception desk.
  3. If the details are decided, I will inform explainer, contents than department in charge on the date and time.
  4. On the day of the holding, the staff visits venue and holds Kanazawa brightness dispatch course.

You can see brochure from this.

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Application, inquiry

Urban Policy Division Public Information Department
〒920-8577 1-1-1, Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi
TEL(076) 220-2348 FAX(076) 220-2030
E-mail: kouhou@city.kanazawa.lg.jp
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