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Kenrokuen flower news

In Kenroku-en Garden which is one of three Japan garden, we can enjoy seasonal nature and rich Taste in winter in spring, summer, autumn.
"Kenrokuen flower news" introduces the present state of Kenroku-en Garden with photographs such as flower or tree.


List of Kenrokuen flower news
Shooting day News from flower
Photograph which we publish
April 10 1295Kenroku-en Garden Kumagaya, yokihi, Judas tree, rhododendron, Enkianthus perulatus
April 3 1294Yoshino cherry tree, yaebenishidare, Asahizakura, Kenroku-en Garden Kumagaya, pearlbush
March 27 1293kohigan, Yoshino cherry tree, weeping cherry tree, Yae wild cherry tree, oyamazakura
March 20 1292Cherry blossoms, Magnolia stellata, Heloniopsis japonica, apricot, Corylopsis panciflora of higan origin
March 14 1291tsubakikanzakura, Kumagai (cherry blossoms), Maya Ko by, omission camellia, Corylopsis spicata
March 7 1290karamizakura, Maya Ko by, octuple rouge hang down; plum, Meratia praecox, Cornus officinalis
February 27 1289Oushuku hangs down; plum, octuple Tang plum, andromeda, short pine
February 20 1288Hang down; plum, plum, Japanese apricot with red blossoms, Japanese witch hazel, pine
February 13 1287Way acquaintance, Japanese witch hazel, spring Akebono deep red, white camellia, October cherry blossoms
February 6 1286Blue axis, Ophiopogon japonicus, Kagoshima rouge, white Kaga, bridge of day living
January 30 1285Ball plum, icicle, blue axis, Wabisuke Camellia, camellia
January 23 1284Kagoshima rouge, Mt. Yamazaki, scarlet shi, China Japanese witch hazel, sasanqua
January 16 1283Octuple winter plum tree with reddish blossom, Karasaki pine, haze ka pond, ume of the winter solstice, Japanese witch hazel

Past Kenrokuen flower news


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