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The present position: TopIt is Related issue to East Japan great earthquake disaster of the inside of this
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About the Great East Japan Earthquake

About the Great East Japan Earthquake

Disaster support telephone general counter

We establish "disaster support telephone general counter" (crisis control inside of a section)
 You can inquire about disaster support.
 Phone number  076-220-2366
 Time  9:00-17:45
(on the night, Saturday and Sunday, holiday city hall duty room: 076-220-2121)

To all of you evacuated to from stricken area to Kanazawa-shi

To citizen's all of you


Emergency Services Division Crisis-Management Division
Phone number 076-220-2366
FAX number: 076-233-9999


Environment Division Environmental Policy Department
Phone number 076-220-2304
FAX number: 076-261-7755

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