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New coronavirus infectious disease related information


News (latest information)

Past news is this

About new coronavirus vaccination

Support for new coronavirus infectious disease

About new coronavirus infectious disease

Consultation, the consultation systems such as patients with fever

At first, not only new coronavirus infectious disease, please consult with immediate medical institutions such as family medicine about fever with symptom on the telephone.

Consultation counter when we lose consultation consultation point

It is corona vaccine vice-reaction consultation center consultation such as patients with Ishikawa fever

  • Phone number 0120-540-004 (toll free number)
  • Reception hours: It is 24 hours including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

※As for "the patients with Ishikawa fever, "patients with Ishikawa fever expand consultation consultation center" in consultation, corona vaccine vice-reaction consultation center" from March 20, 2021.

Consultation counter about new coronavirus infectious disease

Citizens of prevention of Ishikawa infection spread consultation center

  • Phone number 076-225-1921
  • Reception hours: 9:00-18:00 (we cope on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Procedure in city hall

Correspondence such as Childcare Center

Correspondence of clubs for after school activities for children

Correspondence such as municipal elementary and junior high schools

About the use of park in the city

Kanazawa-shi about sponsorship event

About the opening situation of Kanazawa-shi facility

The mayor press conference

In SNS disseminate information

We send information about new coronavirus infectious disease in following SNS.

Kanazawa-shi formula Twitter

Kanazawa-shi formula Facebook page

Kanazawa-shi LINE official account

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Urban Policy Division Public Information Department
Phone number 076-220-2033
FAX number: 076-220-2030
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