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The present position: TopInformation medical of this disaster prevention of the inside
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Disaster prevention, medical information

In the case of emergency

Disaster prevention information

To disaster possess, and offer information such as one or Refuge shelter map (disaster prevention map).

Kanazawa Bousai.com

It is service to tell Kanazawa citizen about warning and notice at the time of disaster caution of refuge, refuge information at the time of disaster occurrence by email. (possible even from PC even from cell-phone)

Urgent information telephone directory enquiries

You can confirm broadcast content of Multiple Adressing Disaster Prevention Radio on the telephone.
Phone number 0180-997171

Kanazawa Rainfall Forecast

We can confirm precipitation and water level in Kanazawa-shi.

For flood

When river overflowed, we compiled various information such as the necessary inundation information, refuge information because citizen's everybody evacuated.

Ishikawa disaster prevention weather information (to page of Ishikawa)

We offer various weather information about disaster prevention.

Information (to page of Kanazawa-shi Fire Division) such as fires

Dispatch situation nadooo by fires is released.

Medical information

When you call ambulance and fire engine, please report to the 119th.
Please convey the situation of fire and injury, sick person in detail as possible calmly.

Night Time Emergency Clinic

It is medical office for one that condition worsened suddenly in the night.

Temporary working doctor

It is on-duty doctor information such as Sundays and holidays.

List of AED setting City facilities

It is list of facilities of city where AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is installed in.


About gas, water supply, the sewer, please refer to Kanazawa-shi Business Administration Division.

Accumulated snow information

We offer image of Accumulated snow data and road surveillance camera of road.


Urban Policy Division Public Information Department
Phone number 076-220-2033
FAX number: 076-220-2030

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