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New urban image

For world "interchange base city Kanazawa"

Urban image which is new in Motoichi "devised o for "interchange base city Kanazawa" of the world.

For world "interchange base city Kanazawa"

This urban image aimed at growth, interchange base city that developed by valuing individuality while being based on directionality of past town development, and convulsions sending person, thing, information at the same time by improving charm, and raising and showed new directionality for the next ten years when Kanazawa aimed.


  • We submit proposal book than statue of town Kanazawa social gathering with responsibility and pride in March, 2012
  • We submit proposal book than new urban image examination social gathering in November, 2012
  • Holding of information session to from January, 2013 to February public comment, citizen's group
  • We devise urban image based on discussion of assembly in March, 2013


Urban Policy Division Planning and Coordination Department
Phone number 076-220-2031
FAX number: 076-264-2535

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