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The present position: TopIt is municipal administration information of the inside of thisIt is building culture dispatch business of Kanazawa from this
We display page for print

Building culture dispatch business of Kanazawa

Modern architecture that got evaluation from home and abroad including 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa and Daisetsu Suzuki building becomes symbol of town, and, in the center city area that developed as Castle town, historic town Nami and building exist much.




The architecture week 2020

Various events about building and town development are started on Friday, November 6 as the architecture week in one week of Thursday on 12th.

1 Kanazawa, building culture meeting (Friday, November 6)
2 architecture kids program workshop (Sunday, November 1, 8th Sunday)
  "We mend "house of dream" where we want to live!" in
  For details, please refer to flyer.
3 architecture kids program stamp rally (from Sunday, November 1 to 30th Monday)
  "Kanazawa kenchiku exploration stamp rally "
  We hold stamp rally over 20 places of unusual buildings in the city
  For details, please refer to attached stamp mount or the following links.
4 Ken Kanazawa Tsukidate light-up (until from Friday, November 6 to 12th Thursday 21:00)
5 Ken Kanazawa Tsukidate ⇔ Daisetsu Suzuki building to notice X to build
  We hold town walk between Ken Kanazawa Tsukidate and Daisetsu Suzuki building which Yoshio Taniguchi designed.
  Sunday, November 1 15,000 yen (with visit in lunch, shop in saliva jin)
  Saturday, November 7 1,500 yen
  ※The prior application pivot. The details, please identify flyer.
6 allied enterprises
  Event about building and town development of other various groups is carried out at the same time.
  For details, please see flyer of the architecture week.

Kanazawa, building kids program Kanazawa kenchiku exploration stamp rally

 As Kanazawa is not affected by war and big disaster, there are many various buildings before the Edo era reaching in the present age and exists, and multilayer-like building culture is formed. We hold stamp rally around characteristic building in the city to have you get close to such a building culture.

Period November 1, 2020 ~11 29 days a month Sunday 
     Please confirm on homepages of facility for the opening day of each facility, opening time.
Venue: 20 city
     The details, please identify attached stamp mount or the following links.
Participation method: There is two kinds of participation method.
     ①"Select 4" to attract stamps on mount of paper
      Please recruit stamps on stamp mount each visiting 1 facility from four groups.
     ②"Random 7" to read code of each venue with smartphones
      Please collect stamps with smartphones visiting 7 facilities everywhere in from all 20 facilities.
Privilege: Original postcard of Ken Kanazawa Tsukidate
Remarks: The following venues, please be careful about setting point of entrance procedure and stamp.
       A1 Honganji Kanazawa annex: The stamp is of open beams with door of the main hall of a Buddhist temple. (we can enter freely.)
       The B6 Kanazawa, Ishikawa Ono, Minato mechanism Memorial: Stamp is in pay zone.
     D16 Nigiwai Space Shinbo-ya: Visit in building is only 13:00-18:00 of Saturday on Thursday.
     D20 Kunitachi crafts building: Online reservation of the admission date and time is necessary. In addition, checkpoint is in pay zone, and the staff of hall seals stamp.

Forum to regard town development as Kanazawa, building culture meeting architecture

We hold forum for person concerned with citizen and building in Kanazawa-shi forming multilayer-like building culture to think about town development in the future by landmark architecture of the affairs of a feudal clan period being stored well, and building of the close present age adding new value.

Friday, November 6, 2020 19:00-21:00
 Kanazawa-shi culture hall (capacity: 400. First-come-first-served basis)
  Part 1 Keynote Speech "city and building of information-intensive society"
      Shogo Kawada (Team Lab architects representative)
  Part 2 talk session
      Shogo Kawada (Team Lab architects representative)
      Mr. Washida meruro (Mayor of Towada Art Center)
●Participation for free
●Application FAX or E-mail
 Address: Yoshida Dental Trade Distribution advertising "Kanazawa, building culture meeting" person in charge
 FAX number: 076-246-8211 e-mail address: mailto:[email protected]
  Please inform of the next content.
  ①Full Name ② company, group name ③ address ④ contact information
  ※There is application for FAX in attached flyer.

Holding of visit to Yoshirou Taniguchi, Yoshio memory Ken Kanazawa Tsukidate construction site society

Per a lot of applicants, we carried out lottery.
I send guidance to elected person.
Thank you for your much application.

We hold visit to construction site party of "Yoshirou Taniguchi, Yoshio memory Ken Kanazawa Tsukidate" planning the opening in the summer of this year.

The date and time: Friday, February 8, 2019
   ①11:00 ② 13:00 ③ 14:00 ④ 15:00
Capacity: Each 15 times (in the case of a lot of applicants, he/she draws lots)
Place: 5-1-18, Teramachi, Kanazawa-shi
   ※There is not parking lot. Come in public transport.
Others: ・City officials show around the hall.
    ・Shooting (photograph, video) in the building inside is not possible.
Application method: We list ① ~ ④ in zip code, address, Full Name, phone number, age, desired time and,
    Please send to the following application by FAX or E-mail.
    ※Application deadline Wednesday, January 30
Application: Kanazawa-shi Urban Policy Division Planning and Coordination Department
    TEL 076-220-2031 FAX 076-264-2535
    E-mail     [email protected]

Lecture "building city, charm of Kanazawa"

※Lecture was finished. Thank you for your cooperation.
Please give a lecture on charm of building culture of Kanazawa from various angles to Taro Igarashi of building historiographer.
  Subject :"Building city, charm of Kanazawa"
  Lecturer :Taro Igarashi
  Date :Thursday, November 9, 2017 19:00-20:30
  Venue :21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa theater 21
  Capacity :160 people
2.Application method 
  ・Over E-mail, FAX or telephone
  ②Name of Representative
  ③The number of participants (about one share of application to two people)
  ④Representative age
  ⑤Phone number
  Attach this, and to the following.
  Yoshida Dental Trade Distribution advertising "charm of building city, Kanazawa" person in charge
  TEL 246-8208, FAX 246-8211, e-mail: [email protected]
3.The application deadline  
  Wednesday, October 25 (we accept as soon as it reaches capacity and are finished)

Lecture flyer

We will photograph city walk workshop - kenchikusampo construction photograph that "SNS shines" and does

※ Offer closed
  • The date and time: Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 13:00 to 16:00
  • Entrance fee :Free of charge
  • Lecturer: Kanazawa Institute of Technology environment, building department architecture subject associate professor Tomohiro Miyashita
  • Thing in a Buddhist image's hand: Tool (smartphone, digital camera) which we can take a picture of
  • Meeting place: Kanazawa City Hall the first floor lobby (we agree with dissolution)
  • Capacity: 20 (in the case of a lot of application, we will tell lottery ※ 10/2 about result.)
  • The application deadline: Thursday, September 28
  • Application method: E-mail or FAX
  1. Full Name of representative
  2. Phone number (number on the day to get contact) of representative
  3. The number of participants     You fill this in, and apply at the following.
    [application, inquiry] Kanazawa City Hall Planning and Coordination Department
                  mail :[email protected]              
                  Telephone: 076-220-2031
                  FAX: 076-264-2535
  • Sponsorship: Kanazawa-shi
"How to see the building" is city walk workshop around attractive building of Kanazawa from specialist in building while being taught "cool" "hint to take a picture of of building". We go round "kanazawakenchikusampo vol.1" (Kakinokibatake, Satomichou, Mizutamemachi, Shintatemachi, Hondamachi, Dewamachi) neighborhood this time.
Do you not do "kenchikusampo" under the refreshing autumn sky?
※As you walk for approximately three hours, please participate in clothes suitable for exercise


Photograph which lecturer photographed
Shooting: Tomohiro Miyashita

Photograph which lecturer photographed
Shooting: Tomohiro Miyashita

Photograph which lecturer photographed
Shooting: Tomohiro Miyashita

Photograph which lecturer photographed
Shooting: Tomohiro Miyashita

[Yoshirou Taniguchi, Yoshio Taniguchi] Architect ... of two people whom ten - Kanazawa brought up

[Yoshirou Taniguchi, Yoshio Taniguchi] ten was finished with grace.
Thank you very much for arriving to many of you.
  • Exhibition period: From Saturday, November 15, 2014 to Sunday, December 21
  • Venue: Kanazawa citizen art village
  • Sponsorship: Taniguchi architecture exhibition executive committee, Kanazawa-shi
We held two buildings exhibition which father, Yoshiro Taniguchi (person of Kanazawa-shi honorary citizen, Order of Culture receipt of a decoration), "Museum of Modern Art" and child who designed "Daisetsu Suzuki building", Kanazawa by Yoshio Taniguchi who designed "Togu Palace" and "guesthouse Japanese style annex" brought up.

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Book of building

Building is fun!

For the elementary school upper grades, we made text which we could learn by photograph and illustration about building clearly.

Collection of buildings of Kanazawa

We made pamphlet which looked at the downtown area area of Kanazawa whom history laminated in viewpoint of building.


kanazawakenchikusampo is small trip to repeat discovery.
Pro-Kanazawa Institute of Technology architecture student reported on town and construction and made walk map.

kanazawakenchikusampo vol.1 - 5

  • kanazawakenchikusampo vol.2 (4,595 kbytes)pdf
    • Kanazawa Station, Yasuechou, the Musashi ka crossroads, Tamagawachou, Oyamamachi, Kohrinbo
    • JR Kanazawa Station hospitality dome, hand drum gate/Hokkoku Bank Musashi ka crossroads Branch/Kanazawa City Tamagawa Library/shiinoki guesthouse
  • kanazawakenchikusampo vol.3 (3,523 kbytes)pdf
    • Kohrinbo, Nagamachi, Chuuoudoorimachi, Katamachi, Shiragikuchou, Sennichimachi
    • Town citizen interchange building of the spirit of a dead person Hospital temple of Confucius/samurai residence trace Nomuras/Kanazawa student

Kanazawa rediscovery! Building walk

We introduce publication contents of map on homepage.

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Urban Policy Division Planning and Coordination Department
Phone number 076-220-2031
FAX number: 076-264-2535
[email protected]

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