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The city, suburban university

Ringed university city Kanazawa

Kanazawa is cyclic university city where higher education systems such as universities are located in the outskirts. Therefore, we can compare town of Kanazawa to campus made by puzzle ring when we assume these wisdom. It lets this campus accumulate wisdom with person more from the inside and outside of country, and it is important to make use of high wisdom and information in future town development.
To that end, it connects these higher education systems with software organically in the both sides of hardware, and it is important to build cooperation, cooperation relations with company, administration, citizen.
In Kanazawa-shi, we set up liaison meeting between Kanazawa-shi, universities and promote business appropriate for ringed university city Kanazawa.



Urban Policy Division Planning and Coordination Department
Phone number 076-220-2031
FAX number: 076-264-2535

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