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Introduction of Kanazawa-shi

Position, area, population, access

Position relations with major cities

Kanazawa-shi of Honshu, since the municipal organization enforcement of 1889 (Meiji 22), enlarged city limits by repeated admission, mergers with Neighborhood towns and villages, and, located at the center, almost shifted to Core city in 1996 (Heisei 8).

Climate, environment


Kenroku-en Garden which was covered with snow

It is said, "do not forget umbrella even if you forget lunch" and, by The Sea of Japan side climate, is rainy many areas.
There are many weather breeders in spring and summer, but on the other hand there is a lot Accumulated snow in winter on cloudy weather and rainy day, too.
Taste such as Kenroku-en Garden or Nagamachi Samurai Houses covered with snow is things only by Kanazawa. 
In addition, high Humidity is suitable for Lacquering and Gold leaf production that are Traditional craft.


Clear stream of Saigawa

There are both mountain and the sea in the city and is blessed with nature very much. Water is rich town, and, other than clean Saigawa and Asano River, a lot of Spring water is famous as "town of water", too.
On the other hand, transportation network and commerce and industry develop as prefectural seat and have high convenience with us as Hokuriku eminent city.

The history, culture

Origin of "Kanazawa"

Mustache of potato had Gold dust in old days when there was young man called Goro Fuji who dug Yam, and sold and dug potato in mountain. Izumi which washed the Gold dust is called "kinsensawa" (kanaaraizawa) and is said to be when it became the place name of Kanazawa. "Kaneshiro soul swamp" (kinjoreitaku) of current Kenroku-en Garden is to be the Izumi.


Higashi Chaya district

Kanazawa prospered as Castle town of the Kaga feudal clan Maedas, and traditional arts such as Traditional craft and Noh or Kagamanzai such as Kaga Yuzen or Kanazawa foil, Kutani-ware have been inherited.
In addition, it was applauded by collecting famous scholar and valuable books from all over Japan in the times of 5s feudal lord Tsunanori Maeda, and having recommended study when "Kaga was Book prefecture of the world".
Because we avoided War damage and big disaster, we stay a lot as of beautiful shiimachinamiga from the affairs of a feudal clan era, and it is valuable property of Kanazawa-shi.

Kanazawa whom world and Japan recognized

Kanazawa including UNESCO creation city and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa introduces approved event in world and Japan.

Of Kanazawa-shi come; chapter, tree, flower

Come; chapter

Kanazawa-shi comes; chapter

In form of plum blossoms which we took out of crest of the crest of an ume flowers of Susumu country house, letter of "money" meaning Kanazawa is written in.
It was established on March 7, 1891.


Ume tree

Tree of city is plum.
We took out of crest of the crest of an ume flowers of Susumu country house.
We were appointed on November 11, 1970.


There is not flower fixed in particular in form called flower of Kanazawa-shi, but there is recommended flower called recommendation flower.
Raise citizen's recommended flowers from citizen in 1983, of Kanazawa even what kind of soil which was easy to fit climate was brought up, and blue flag (flower plays), sage, shikisaki (spread, and bloom) bekonia, impatience, five kinds of zeranyumu that there was were chosen as ands and buts.

Blue flag
Blue flag


shikisaki bekonia
shikisaki bekonia



City song, citizen's song

Song of great Kanazawa who likes, and carries in this town, all in song now

In town Kanazawa where we live in,
We are made during long history,
It is sung by many people, and there is song which has been got close to.
There is background of sonotokidokino society in each song,
Living of people is described,
Oldness of people and wish to Kanazawa are spelled.
As treasure of all,
It is over century and sings carefully and wants to pour.

City song

In 1921 (Taisho 9) when approximately 30 years passed as for Kanazawa who became city in 1889 (Meiji 22), it was in city of the national eleventh place more than a population of 120,000.
In 1923 (Taisho 12), the first Kanazawa-shi festival was held, and fireworks, dance, events such as daimyo's processions or flag procession of primary schoolchild flocked noisily, and "Kanazawa City song" was made at this time.
Feeling that it is said so that Kanazawa-shi greatly develops through figure which people who are the same level as nature and town of Kanazawa and live there live for lively as metropolis of Hokuriku is loaded City song with. 

Citizen's song

"Song of Kanazawa citizen" was composed in commemoration of the municipal organization 60th anniversary of April, 1949 (Showa 24).
In this song, we are brought up in rich nature and develop industry of traditional Kanazawa, and feeling that we want to do is loaded rich town of the history and culture with. 

  • We distribute brochure which we published score of song of Kanazawa City song, Kanazawa citizen in in Municipal Information Counter (Phone: 076-220-2348), General Administration Department (Phone: 076-220-2091).
  • We rent CD of song of Kanazawa City song, Kanazawa citizen in General Administration Department.

Citizens' charter, honorary citizen

Kanazawa citizens' charter

Color of the four seasons of Kenroku-en Garden, rich green of clean flow, mountain and town of Saigawa, the Asano River are fragrant, and we who love Kanazawa do high traditional culture with pride and work for working base which rose for hope and vitality and bloom fence town development of education, culture full of originality.

In 1 hirakou world and future window of heart
Creation of living that 1 mezasoikiikito is well acquainted with
Nature with heart and oldness that 1 mamorou is beautiful
With 1 tsunagominnano power hand of town development
Tomorrow's Kanazawa that 1 wound is so unique

Sister city

Kanazawa-shi links buffalo, Irkutsk, Porto Allegret, Ghent, Nancy, Suzhou, overseas 7 city and Sister city tie-up of all states at the present, but we raise "Kanazawa world city design" while we measure promotion of friendship, the friendship of citizen phase each other through various interchange activities that kept features of Kanazawa alive and push forward the making of city giving off unique brightness in the world even if it is small.

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