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Environment, town development

Environment Division moves to main government building from Thursday, May 7, 2015.

Environment Division moves to main government building with completion of Kanazawa City Hall main government building earthquake proofing repair work from Thursday, May 7, 2015.
Guidance flyer (Portable Document Format: 77 kbytes)pdf
  Environment Division (Environmental Policy Department, Recyle Promotion Department): To the third floor of the Kanazawa City Hall new building
 ※Environmental Policy Department, FAX number of Recyle Promotion Department change.
  FAX number: 076-261-7755 (in phone number, the e-mail address, there is no change)
 ※Environmental Instructor Department works sequentially in Environment Division temporary Government building.

Environment, garbage disposal/recycling

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Housing, Traffic and Community renovation

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Cooperation, social movement, civic consultation

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