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It is located now: TopIt is house, traffic, town development of the inside of thisIt is Scenery of Kanazawa of the inside of this
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Scenery of Kanazawa

2018.05.07AdvertisementWork offer of prize for Ishikawa advertisement scenery
2018.04.01SceneryNight scenery action program
Exhibition of creation ... (summary version) of ... charm-like night scenery
2018.04.01AdvertisementWe changed style of outdoor advertisements self-safe inspection report.
2018.03.08NoticeLeaflet of Kanazawa beautiful cityscape culture prize 40th memory "Kanazawa night beautiful cityscape"
We published (we link to Kanazawa beautiful cityscape culture prize homepage)
2018.02.06NoticeThe 40th (2017) Kanazawa beautiful cityscape culture prize was decided.
2017.07.31NoticeWe appointed land along a river scenery maintenance area
2017.02.25NoticeWe held "civic meeting that thought about the fifth Scenery of Kanazawa".
2016.09.30CommendationKanazawa-shi advertisement scenery cooperation prize
2015.03.23SceneryA standard based on the scenery formation regulations is changed in the Kanazawa-shi night
The details are this (from April 1, 2015)
2014.07.01SceneryWe appoint Nagamachi scenery district (brochure)
2014.06.16SceneryExhibition (10,321 kbytes) of night scenery maintenance plan like Kanazawapdf
2014.05.09AdvertisementAbout interview publication about approach of outdoor advertisements examination committee
2014.02.21AdvertisementExhibition of guide, reference materials for companies
2013.12.19AdvertisementRequest about thorough maintenance of outdoor advertisements
2013.10.21 AdvertisementWe appoint Morimoto, Kanazawa interchange industrial area in second kind independent advertisement thing adjustment district
2013.06.21AdvertisementExhibition of lapping bus guide line
2013.04.01AdvertisementWe appoint the vicinity of beltway sea side main line [Otomomachi - Okobatamachi section] out of Kanazawa in prohibition area
2011.12.13SceneryEntry example of act report in scenery plan area (photovoltaic power generation facilities)
2011.12.13SceneryScenery formation standard table (photovoltaic power generation facilities)


When we perform construction of building, principle, prior report are necessary.

Outdoor advertisements

When we install outdoor advertisements , principle, prior application are necessary.
When we run outdoor advertising in the city, registration is necessary.

Other scenery-related regulations

Separately from report based on landscape regulation, prior report may be necessary.

Scenery measure, system

It is page to introduce measure and system to promote town development of beautiful scenery to.

Kanazawa-shi town development support information system

We can confirm regulation information in conjunction with town development.


Urban Development Division Landscape Policy Department
Phone number 076-220-2364
FAX number: 076-224-5046

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