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It is located now: TopIt is environment, garbage disposal/recycling of the inside of thisIt is garbage collection, recycling of the inside of thisFrom this household waste charge system (February 1, 2018 start)
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Household waste charge system (February 1, 2018 start)

About household waste charge system

 In Motoichi, we wrestled for various measures for promotion of reduction and exploitation of resources of garbage in citizen's and cooperation including resources garbage collection to depend the spread of corrugated cardboard compost and electricity-style garbage processing machines, setting of collection base of resources garbage, promotion of group collection of wastepaper nationwide according to six minutes more than average until now.
 However, in late years discharge of household waste changes relatively flat, and, also, there is exploitation of resources rate in very low standard, too.
 From this, for "realization of sustainable society by weight loss and resources circulation of garbage that promotion and Motoichi of global warming measure which is urgent problem aim at," more approach is necessary.
 Constant effect is accepted in the precedent introduction local government by reduction, exploitation of resources, and, in what we carry out in combination with composting or wastepaper collection of garbage, environmental awareness of citizen and company increases, and household waste charge system can expect synergism for improvement of reduction and exploitation of resources rate of garbage.
 In addition, securing of equitableness of expense burden is planned by introducing this system, and rebuilding is connected for consciousness reform of distributor and producer commencing with reduction of disposal of waste expense accompanied with garbage reduction in future by reduction of construction costs of prospective Eastern Environment Energy Center and life extension of Tomuroshimbo Filled-up Land contributing to burden on generation reduction in the future including making, and consciousness of consumers for surplus packing increasing.
 At the same time, we act for further reduction, exploitation of resources of business system waste materials including work for instruction reinforcement to review or office of handling of pro-business waste materials fee.

About contents of system

 It is system to put "garbage to burn" and "inning garbage" in the garbage bag of Kanazawa-shi designation, and to provide to garbage station.

[kind and the price of designated garbage bag]
Size of designated garbage bag Sales price (tax-included)
(ten pieces set)
5 liters50 yen
10 liters100 yen
20 liters200 yen
30 liters300 yen
45 liters450 yen
※About handling place of designated garbage bag, please see "list of Kanazawa-shi designation garbage bag handling places".

About the appropriate handling of designated garbage bag

 Because this system raises awareness to reduction, exploitation of resources of garbage and introduces for the purpose of securing equitableness of expense burden, not to make any distributing designated garbage bag as premiums free, I would like understanding and cooperation about the appropriate handling of designation garbage bag.

About the system starting date

 Thursday, February 1, 2018
TVCM for "household waste charge system" common knowledge

Household waste charge system Q&A

 As we published common inquiry content about household waste charge system, please see.

About commission revenue

 About commission revenue provided in this system, we allot the total amount for expense to need for reserving, production, sale of designation garbage bag in local community activation fund and utilize in business based on area community activation promotion plan.

"Household waste separation how to put out brochure" (from February, 2018 to March, 2019)

About quantity of garbage of Kanazawa-shi


Environment Division Recyle Promotion Department
Phone number 076-220-2302
FAX number: 076-261-7755

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