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It is located now: TopIt is environment, garbage disposal/recycling of the inside of thisIt is garbage collection, recycling of the inside of thisWe e-mail on collection day, and it is notified by this
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Notice of collection day email

Registration, service (notice of collection day email) of garbage 0 dots com

Illustration of notice of collection day email

What kind of service is it?

  1. We will tell about collection day by email.
  2. Registration is easy. It is possible even from cell-phone, smartphone and PC.
  3. We can set to receive news email with any address in the case of PC in the case of cell-phone in cell-phone, e-mail address of smartphone.
  4. Information charges for free. But please bear registration and communication expense at the time of the email reception.
  5. We can choose in kind and time of garbage receiving email.
    • Kind of garbage
      1. Garbage (garbage, wastepaper, plastic) to burn
      2. Garbage (landfill garbage, metal garbage, writer) not to burn
      3. Resource recovery (empty can, plastic bottle, plastic packaging and containers)
      4. Bottle (empty bottles such as juice wine)
    • Time
      • It is about 6:00 p.m. the day before on the day before on collection day in evening
      • It is about 6:00 a.m. on collection day on that day on the morning of the day
      • ※In property of E-mail, we may produce delay for delivery. In Kanazawa garbage 0 dots com, we tell in garbage collection schedule of whole year. Please use that one in addition.
  6. In the case of cell-phone, we are careful about email incoming refusal
    ※When email incoming refusal is set, service is not available.
    @Please set cell-phone to receive email from kanazawa530 .com or mail@kanazawa530 .com.
  7. District, please be careful in one of   unlike attending school area of elementary school school bottom becoming division on collection day.

How do you register?

There is method to register from method and cell-phone to register from smartphone, PC.

When we register from smartphone, PC

  1. "We register entrance below from smartphone, PC!" From this
  2. School bottom, district name choice
  3. We input e-mail address
  4. We choose kind and time of informed garbage
  5. We receive email of registration contents confirmation
  6. We hold email of confirmation and access designated address
  7. Registration completion

When we register from cell-phone

  1. Confirmation of email reception setting
  2. We access page of "garbage collection, recycling"
  3. We choose automatic notice on collection day
  4. Registration start and progress, email are sent by sign-in
  5. We return to standby screen
  6. We receive email for continuation
  7. We access address of email mention for continuation
  8. School bottom, district name choice
  9. We choose kind and time of informed garbage
  10. Registration completion (after the completion, email of registration contents confirmation is delivered.)

※For more details, you download "registration method from cell-phone" flyer, "registration method from smartphone, PC" flyer from the following menus each, and please refer to content.


Environment Division Recyle Promotion Department
Phone number 076-220-2302
FAX number: 076-261-7755

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