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Health promotion top page of elderly person

What is Prevention for nursing care?

Prevention for nursing care is to prevent mental and physical decline, and to recover so that care is not in a necessary condition.
Let's begin the making of spirit of mind and body with early house to be active, and to spend life and the life with purpose of life forever.

To prevent care

Confirmation of life function

We confirm your life function by self-check, and let's work on Prevention for nursing care from early house!

"Body" and check list (question vote) of "heart"
We introduce service for Prevention for nursing care, life support to life function corresponded to for drop from Local Elderly Care Management Center in judgment.
Life function who does not correspond to drop will wrestle in oneself health promotion without care being in a necessary condition cheerful, to be able to spend forever.


Maximum trigger which care is necessary for is Aging feet and weist.
It is big cause that it "gets dull than aging of nature that legs decline by not using".

iine Kanazawa keep-fit


We made muscular strength of legs for the purpose of improving balance ability Taka.
Let's make "contact leading iine Kanazawa" bodies to be able to spend in good health forever by letting you look good, and doing gymnastics.

※Please match exercises with own physical strength, physical condition.
Person who can greatly move can give strength of exercise each by increasing one movement.


When protein and energy are short for the advanced age period, body fat and the weight decrease, and muscular strength and resistance decrease.
Let's do invention to eat in a good balance happily deliciously.

Mouth care

We do expression to sing to talk about to breathe to eat wealthily, and "mouth" is important to seem to be oneself well, and to live a life lively. Let's make health condition of "mouth" better.

The Dementia prevention

Dementia is very imminent brain disease that anyone may suffer from.
Early detection and early correspondence are very important for Dementia in the same way as other diseases.
We will confirm whether it is in condition that there is trouble for cognitive function and social life!

Of Dementia made by oneself notice; check list


Health Division health policy section
Phone number 076-220-2233
FAX number: 076-220-2231

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