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Care insurance of Kanazawa

Care insurance of Kanazawa

Easy method to course, it is course slowly and carefully

[important] In the case of report and application, entry of personal number (my number) and Identification are necessary.
 For more information, look here.

[September 20, 2018]
  2018 Kanazawa-shi care service company collective guidance document (4,476 kbytes)pdf
※In the case of collective guidance of ..., you print this document at 14:40 on Thursday, September 27, and please bring.

[September 12, 2018]
 About extension of examination application reception desk period of the 31st care worker national examination (104 kbytes)pdf

  About consultation guidance to affect periodical medical examination (84 kbytes)pdf

  About holding of 2018 Ishikawa nosocomial infection measures class (33 kbytes)doc
  Application (24 kbytes)doc

[September 3, 2018]
 List of care insurance designation offices update (as of August 1, 2018)

[August 28, 2018]
 About well-known cooperation in 2018 care for the elder healthcare facility management seminar (request) (2,308 kbytes)pdf

[August 27, 2018]
About "payment of home care house repair costs and Prevention for nursing care house repair costs" (210 kbytes)pdf   

[August 22, 2018]
News (22 kbytes) of the training to affect "quality improvement of care" promotion businessdoc
[A style of recollection] The conduct point (22 kbytes)doc
[B transfer] (21 kbytes)doc
[C life movement] (21 kbytes)doc
  Participation application (40 kbytes)doc

[August 16, 2018]
 Information for recruitment of care professional carrier grade system Heisei 30 degrees reviewer class second student attending a lectures (758 kbytes)pdf

[August 15, 2018]
 [earlier period of 2018] About report about specific office intensive subtraction
It is this  about report styles
 ※When we surpass 80% in either service, presentation is necessary.
  Deadline for presentation: Tuesday, September 18, 2018

                                          List of other update information is this

Update day:  April 1, 2015


Welfare Division Nursing Insurance Department
Phone number 076-220-2264
FAX number: 076-220-2559

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