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Child home counselor's office

We give consultation and single-parent family about domestic child who is in trouble economically advice

The mother and the child, father and son illustration

In child home counselor's office, every trouble before and after divorce gives home that is in trouble economically advice other than consultation about working and qualification consultation of various systems about single-parent. Case "not to know where we should talk" with, please feel free to contact.
Counselor asks about story and introduces various support services that city halls sponsor and connects with counter in charge.

Consultation contents

・Consultation about various systems of single-parent home
・Consultation of life during before and after divorce and child care
・Working, consultation about qualification


Associated system, consultation counter


Welfare Division child home counselor's office (the Health and Welfare General Affairs Department)
Phone number 076-220-2422
FAX number: 076-220-2360

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