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Top pages such as Council

We publish the situation such as Council of Kanazawa-shi in this page.

Definitions such as Council

  1. Attached engine to install by law or the regulations based on rule of 4 Clause 3 of Local Government Act Article 138
  2. After the approval such as the mayors, the mayor demands gatherings such as well-informed people except administration to contribute to reference in administrative administration

But thing corresponding to the following matters is excluded.

  1. We primarily aim at communication adjustment, exchange of opinions
  2. Internal organization which is composed only of staff of city

Meeting is principle exhibition, but, in the case of next, cannot release meeting exceptionally.

  1. When there is fate of not being released in laws and ordinances
  2. When contents of meeting correspond to Kanazawa-shi Information disclosure and one of the information to advocate to each regulations Article 7 issue about personal information protection
  3. When the Council concerned admits that there is sufficient reason


List of meetings such as Council

We publish list of mechanism order.


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