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From other municipalities to person who moved in to Kanazawa-shi

When we are transferred, various procedures are necessary transference.
Please report without forgetting.

Notice of the change of address

Please file within 14 days from day when you established address newly.

Seal registration

Person oneself, please file.

Application of National Health Insurance

Please file newly.

Procedure of National Pension

Please do change procedure of address and payment organization.

Transfer procedure

In the case of notice of the change of address, please do proposal of transfer.

House indication number assignment application

Please apply for building during new construction, reconstruction.


Please refer to Kanazawa City Hall main government building or civic center of neighborhood.

Procedure about driver license and car

Address change of driver's license and registration change procedure of car are necessary on change in address. Please ask driver's license center.
Ishikawa driver's license center 076-238-5901

About registration change of car, Certification of Parking Space, identification of Automobile Safety Inspection, copying, seal of Certificate of Residence are necessary. On transference from other prefectural and city governments, procedures such as report of auto tax or change of the number are necessary.
Ishikawa land transport branch office 076-291-0531

Let's join town assembly

In the town assembly, people living in constant area work on solution of problems in life in area and are voluntary group acting as for improvement of a sense of common bonds of inhabitants. You will join town assembly as local member, too.
Ask Manager of local town assembly about procedure of participation.

Address change procedure of insurance

As for the fire insurance, there is difference in premium by the address ground. We inform insurance company of address change, and let's file early.

Contact information

Community Service Division Civil Department
Phone number 076-220-2241
FAX number: 076-224-2163

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