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It is located now: TopIt is Official family registry, address transfer, seal / Various certifications of the inside of thisIt is Official family registry of the inside of this
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Official family registry

Birth registration, marriage registration, notification of transfer of family register

It registers that we are Japanese citizens, and it is Official family registry to prove. Record birth and the marriage, divorce, transfer of family register, and perform authentication of relations such as couple or parent and child; is important. Place where Official family registry is put is permanent address of the person. As report is possible other than Kanazawa City Hall Civil Department in each civic center, please use.

Report of other Official family registry

There are notification of adoption, divorced child registration, certificate of recognition, report of entry in the family register, report of share family register, report of surviving spouse return him, report of disappearance. Please refer to Civil Department, each civic center for detailed thing including procedure.

In the case of marriage registration and discussion divorce papers, we perform Identification with identification cards.
For more information, look here.

About report, please click each name.

Birth registration
Notice of death
Divorce paper (discussion)
Divorce paper (trial)
Notification of transfer of family register
Marriage registration

Report window


At Official family registry window of national Legal Affairs Bureau, District Legal Affairs Bureau and the branch office or municipality, we accept consultation for no Official family registry cancellation.
It is << Kanazawa District Legal Affairs Bureau homepage to people having a problem with no Official family registry≫


Community Service Division Civil Department
Phone number 076-220-2241
FAX number: 076-224-2163

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