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The nationwide resident-registry network

What is resident-registry network system?

We tie Basic Resident Register and prefectural and city governments /J-LIS (local public entity information system mechanism) of municipalities of the whole country in network and are system enabling Identification common throughout the whole country. It becomes social base of administrative computerization of the 21st century. We can receive offer of Identification information, and, in administrations such as country or local public entity, in the case of various application, reports from inhabitants, procedure of inhabitants is reduced in substitution for copying of Certificate of Residence which asked for presentation by network system.

Basic Resident Register

We say thing which settled Certificate of Residence which recorded address, Full Name, the date of birth. Basic Resident Register becomes the basics of seal registrations other than residence-related authentication of citizen's all of you and election, National Health Insurance, National Pension.

Identification information

Among matters listed in Certificate of Residence, it is following seven items.

  • Full Name
  • The date of birth
  • Sex
  • Address
  • Certificate of Residence cord
  • Personal number
  • Change information (date of modification of the matter mentioned above and reason for change)

※Official family registry matter is not included.

Certificate of Residence cord

Because it is done fuban with cord becoming the basics of resident-registry network system irregularly, we cannot suppose address or the date of birth from Certificate of Residence cord. In Kanazawa-shi, we mailed notice vote to each household in August, 2002. As you are necessary in the case of report, application to future administration, please keep notice vote carefully. We can change Certificate of Residence cord by reporting to the municipalities. It is prohibited by law that civilian uses Certificate of Residence cord.

Information for service

Grant of copying of Certificate of Residence is received at municipalities windows of the whole country

  • Style of copying of Certificate of Residence
    • It becomes thing called "global grant Certificate of Residence" of national general style.
    • As there is not indication of moving history, permanent domicile and the head of a family, please request from presentation after confirmation.
  • Application method of global grant Certificate of Residence
    • It is limited to one belonging to household same as the person or the person what we can request.
    • Please bring certificate with photograph of the face of government and public offices issuance including driver license.
    • Issuance fee becomes amount of money to establish in the regulations of each municipality. (when it is requested at window of Kanazawa-shi, it is 300 yen because of one of them.)

We can simplify procedure of transference, transference

We can perform notice of the change of address in new address place without receiving grant of notification of change of residence by filling out, and mailing matter which is necessary for notice of the change of address to the former address ground municipalities in one having personal number card or Basic Resident Register card (exception of transference, transference procedure).

Protection and measures of personal information

In resident-registry network system, we assume protection of personal information the most important problem. We take enough measures in every aspect including system side, technical aspect and operational aspect.

We limit information and use purpose to hold by law

  • Information (Identification information) to hold limits to 4 information (Full Name, the date of birth, sex, address), Certificate of Residence cord and these change information by law.
  •  Only purpose that medium established in law was selected as by law can use the use of Identification information.

User is limited to Certificate of Residence cord

  • It is prohibited by law that the private sector uses Certificate of Residence cord and cannot demand mention and the presentation of Certificate of Residence cord.
  • We limit that administration uses Certificate of Residence cord by law concretely.
  • We can change Certificate of Residence cord by application of inhabitants with unintentional number anytime. Please refer for method of change.

We prevent invasion from the outside and internal abuse

[prevention of invasion from the outside]

  • By the use, firewall of dedicated line, setting of IDS (invasion detection device), we prevent unjust invasion.
  • When we communicate, we encrypt data. In addition, we prevent spoofing of communication partner by mutually authenticating computer of communication partner.
  • Based on "emergency correspondence plan," emergency performs administration that we gave priority to personal information protection over.

[prevention of abuse]

  • We assign confidentiality to the staff treating Identification information, and person who violated is assigned to penal regulations that are more serious than usual.
  • We perform strict confirmation by identification card and password for operator and allow only fair operator to operate computer.
  • We store computery record and can follow.


Community Service Division Civil Department
Phone number 076-220-2241
FAX number: 076-224-2163

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