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National Pension

National Pension of all to connect with the next generation

Social Insurance Agency which ran public pension on January 1, 2010 was abolished, and "Japanese pension system" started. Social Insurance Office became "pension office", but there is no change in the location and contact information.
For more details, please confirm on Japanese pension mechanism homepage.

About National Pension


Civil Department    
Person in charge of National Pension 076-220-2295 (report, application, request, consultation)
(IP telephone)  076-220-2931
(FAX number) 076-220-2776
※Each civic center only as for report, the request

National Pension is system intended that we guarantee all nations life security of the old age or time when it obstacled. All the people from 20 years old living in Japan to 60 years old are to join.


Person joining National Pension is three kinds of next.

  1. First insured person…Including agriculture, student, independent businessman (pay premium)
  2. The second issue person insured…Person insured of welfare annuity insurance and union member (it is not necessary to put) of cooperative association
  3. Third insured person…hi*yohaigusha (it is not necessary to put) of the second issue person insured

One (any participation) where we can join by hope

Which within, 65 years old lives one (principle account transfer), 20 years old younger than 65 years or older one (principle account transfer), 60 years old receiving old age (the retirement) pension in one younger than 60 years or older abroad

Amount of money of premium

Premium is monthly basis 16,340 yen (2018).
In addition, we can pay 400 yen a month as every loading.

  • There is discounting system of constant rate when we pay premium for for one year or six months or all premiums of notified period in advance for two years.

End of premium

Please put with payment notice sent by Japanese pension system at financial institution, post office, convenience store (store which can pay is listed on the back of the payment notice.).
In addition, we recommend the use of reliable account transfer with convenience.
Furthermore, procedure of payment with credit card was enabled, too.
※Ask Kanazawa north pension office (TEL: 233-2021) if you have any questions about payment of premium.

Immunity of premium

When premium is not paid for economic reasons, premium may be exempted by applying.

  • Legal exemption…Impairment basic pension, recipient of disability pension of the public welfare, mutual aid of 1.2 grade, livelihood assistance recipient of welfare.
  • Exemption on application…One with reason why it is remarkably difficult to pay premium without income. There are four kinds of total amount immunity, 3/4 immunity, at half price immunity, 1/4 immunity.
  • Payment postponement system…When income of the person and the spouse is lower than constant Nuka, we can pay premium during period when we apply and received approval in arrears.                               ※After that under 50 years old become a target of payment postponement system under 30 years old to for June, 2016 for July, 2016.
  • Student payment exception system…When income of student is lower than constant Nuka, we can pay premium during period when we apply and received approval in arrears.

Old-age welfare pension

Which cannot receive other pensions that there was already in old age on April 1, 1961 when birth, National Pension started before April 1, 1911 is provided.
There is social security regulations by income of the person and duty of supporting person.

Spouses of member such as student and welfare annuity, cooperative association which cannot receive disability pension even if we suffer disorder are provided by not having joined during any participation period of National Pension.


Community Service Division Civil Department National Pension charge
Phone number 076-220-2295
FAX number: 076-220-2776

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