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It is located now: TopAgriculture and forestry industrial of this together with middle auspicious decoration for giftsIt is made with forest of Kanazawa of the inside of thisIt is findings of mail delivery information from this
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Findings of mail delivery information

・It is findings of bear haunting information delivering by mail through Kanazawa (notice of Kanazawa-shi disaster information email service).
・Bear haunting information email that delivery is hoped for is this

Findings of 2018 mail delivery information

Update day: May 19, 2018

NO Delivery day Haunting place The haunting date and time Findings Delivery school bottom, district
11May 19FutamatamachiMay 19 about 9:20Bear and confirmationIouzen
10May 18BesshomachiMay 18 about 19:10Bear and confirmationUchikawa
9May 16TsurubemachiMay 16 about 6:00Bear and confirmationSetting sun temple
8May 6HigashinagaemachiMay 6 about 7:00Bear and confirmationSetting sun temple
7May 5OikemachiMay 5 about 19:30We cannot confirmHudouji, Mitani
6April 29TawaramachiApril 29 about 18:00Bear and confirmationTawara
5April 28YuwakutagojimamachiApril 28 about 9:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku
4April 24ShimowakunamimachiApril 24 about 6:00Bear and confirmationDoctor Valley
3April 21KitamorimotomachiApril 20 about 11:00Small animal and confirmationMorimoto, Hanazono
2April 22ShimodanimachiApril 17 about 6:30Bear and confirmationYuwaku
1April 8FutamatamachiApril 8 about 17:00Bear and confirmationIouzen


Agriculture and forestry fisheries station Forest Restoration
Phone number 076-220-2217
FAX number: 076-222-7291

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