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It is located now: TopAgriculture and forestry industrial of this together with middle auspicious decoration for giftsIt is made with forest of Kanazawa of the inside of thisThe furtherance from this to preventive measures against haunting
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The furtherance to preventive measures against haunting

The thicket kari riheno furtherance close to house which town assembly carries out

・Target person    Town assembly which carries out thicket kari rio to prevent haunting of bear
・Grant Nuka    2,500 yen (but ceiling 200,000 yen) per 100 square meters
・Remarks    In the case of less than 2,000 square meters, conduct area is not targeted for the furtherance


Introduction assistance of electric fence for bear

・Target person    Where electric fence for bear is installed in to prevent haunting of bear
・Supporting rate    1/2
・The ceiling    60,000 yen
Please refer for the details at the following 


Agriculture and forestry fisheries station Forest Restoration
Phone number 076-220-2217
FAX number: 076-222-7291

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