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It is located now: TopAgriculture and forestry industrial of this together with middle auspicious decoration for giftsIt is made with forest of Kanazawa of the inside of this
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The making of forest of Kanazawa

Let's push forward "the making of forest of hometown" with local all of you together all in one body to protect the forest bringing up rich environment of Kanazawa, and to succeed as precious property in after ages.

The forest of Kanazawa-shi

Reforestation measure
  • We introduce measure that Kanazawa-shi enforces to reproduce the forest which devastation goes ahead through.


Event information
  • We will tell about the latest event information about the forest.

Bear information of Kanazawa-shi

Bear information
  • Because we do not meet with bear, we introduce information such as what to do, actions to be taken when we met, the haunting situation of bear.

Working holiday

The making of forest by cooperation
  • "The making of forest of civic participation," "the making of forest of company" carries out "making of forest delivery lecture" to be able to throw over citizen and all of companies casually with the forest.

Lumber of Kanazawa kana phosphorus

We utilize profit of lumber of Kanazawa and promote
  • "Encouragement made with house of tree," "maintenance of classroom of warmth" performs "utilization promotion of thinning materials" to plan utilization promotion of wood resources.


Private forest reproduction support project
  • We support reproduction maintenance of private forest to work on with the whole area to plan maintenance, recovery of function of the public interest of the forest.

Kanazawa forestry college

Kanazawa forestry college
  • We bring up practical human resources taking moririnhodokoshigyo, forestry thing production to keep the forest of Kanazawa soundly, and to activate the middle mountains.

Senkouji mallet golf course

Use of forest facility
  • There are village automatic campground of the Buddha of Healing, park of the shore, mallet golf course, grand golf course, park golf course as facility getting close to forest in Kanazawa-shi.

Owner report system of land of the forest

Owner report system of land of the forest
  • Person who acquired land of the forest newly needs report.

Traffic limit information of forest road

Traffic limit information of forest road
  • We disclose traffic limit information by construction and disaster in forest road of Kanazawa-shi. Other than information of this page, it becomes principle whole line suspension of traffic in at the time of heavy rainfall flood warning official announcement and Accumulated snow.
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Phone number 076-220-2217
FAX number: 076-222-7291

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