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Processing development support of farm products

About dispatch of farm products processing adviser

Specialized adviser helps about development of artefact using local farm products.

  Adviser farm output processing dispatch business
Target person
  • Farm products processors who have the head office or production facilities in Kanazawa-shi
  • Scholar in Kanazawa-shi of agriculture, farm products processing group, agricultural production group, agricultural cooperative
※It applies to companies which in fact there is plan to work on for development of new artefact using local farm products for the purpose of sale or wrestle.
※Even thing with the sale results is already negotiable.
Consultation division
  • Development, design of processing technique, plan, distribution, patent and trademark, accounts, tax practice, cooking, nutrition
Instruction charges
  • Free (but it becomes actual expenses burden other than the instruction charges)
Application reception desk
  • You mail to agriculture fisheries promotion section or, after filling out matter necessary for application, please bring.
※We examine contents and decide the right or wrong of dispatch


Agriculture and forestry fisheries station agriculture fisheries promotion section
Phone number 076-220-2213
FAX number: 076-222-7291

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