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Kanazawa-shi Cross-Industrial Training Hall

Kanazawa-shi Cross-Industrial Training Hall

Kanazawa-shi Cross-Industrial Training Hall

Kanazawa-shi Cross-Industrial Training Hall was opened in May, 1999 to plan promotion, activation of medium and small-sized business.
Person from medium and small-sized business of a great variety of types of industry that Kanazawa-shi industry features gathers together in this Cross-Industrial Training Hall and performs information exchange and technology exchanges and is facility to bring about new product.
We expect that Motoichi industry develops, and it sends to industry that is Taka added value type through such an interchange activity more for the world.

Facility summary

First training room (1F)

First training room (1F)
・Up to 42 accommodation

The fifth training room (1F)

The fifth training room (1F)
・Up to 18 accommodation
・OA outlet existence for 15
・Because desk and chair are with caster, we can move easily

Lobby (1F)

Lobby and display hall (1F)
※In the case of use of reservations, there is a charge.
※Of use of reservations when there is not, anyone is available freely.

Manufacturing support corner (1F)

Manufacturing support corner (1F)
※Specialized instructor relates to technique, new product development
 We support for solution to the problem.
 Please feel free to contact

Second ... 4 training room

Second ... 4 training room (2F)
・Up to 156 accommodation
・By partition, we can divide 3
・It is sound facilities existence in second training room

Meeting room (2F)

Meeting room (2F)
・Up to 18 accommodation
・It is with carpet floor
  • We can take advantage of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays by night, too
  • There is wireless LAN access point
  • We perform rental of equipment free. Person that rental is hoped for, please fill in use application with so in addition.
    ※There is attached screen in the second training room, the fifth training room, meeting room.
    List of rental equipment (25 kbytes)pdf

Facility ground plan


Name Area (m2) Seating capacity Charge
The morning
(from 9:00 12:00)
The afternoon
(from 13:00 17:00)
By night
(from 18:00 21:00)
First training room8742 people3,240 yen4,320 yen3,240 yen
Second training room *18748 people3,020 yen4,000 yen3,020 yen
Third training room *18148 people3,020 yen4,000 yen3,020 yen
Fourth training room *17548 people3,020 yen4,000 yen3,020 yen
The fifth training room5515 people2,050 yen2,700 yen2,050 yen
Meeting room4818 people1,830 yen2,380 yen1,830 yen
Display hall139 5,180 yen6,920 yen5,180 yen
※When we use air-conditioning, charge takes an extra charge 2.
*We connect second ... fourth training room and, depending on 1 training scale, are available.

  • Parking lot is free.
Charge table downloading (Portable Document Format: 43 kbytes)pdf

Usage guidance

[procedure of use application]

  1. It is tentative reservation on the telephone
    TEL: 076-240-1934 (until weekdays 17:30)
  2. Downloading of "use application"
    Use application (Word form: 38 kbytes)doc
    Use application (Portable Document Format: 124 kbytes)pdf
  3. Presentation of "use application"
    FAX: 076-240-1903

[request about the use]

  1. Charge becomes payment in advance. In addition, please note that I cannot pay back use charges that you were expected to pay once.
  2. Please take rental machine parts on the use in office. In addition, I would like return after the use to office.
  3. Eating and drinking in facility are possible, but please take garbage home with you.
  4. Please correct facility in state before using desk, chair after the use.
  5. Please let office know on the end by all means. We confirm use facility.
  6. If facility or rental machine parts include the damage by any chance, please let know before the use to office.



Application, inquiry

Kanazawa-shi Cross-Industrial Training Hall
〒920-0377 Utsugimachi, Kanazawa-shi east 1400
TEL: 076-240-1934
FAX: 076-240-1903
※It is January 3 from December 29 for closed days

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