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Traditional industry of Kanazawa


Kanazawa Machiya craftsman studio Higashiyama

We utilize house in the town and support independence of Traditional craft writer and craftsman.

Kanazawa brand industrial art object development promotion business subsidy

[we start application acceptance for 2018!]

We support for expenses such as development of industrial art object adapting itself to modern life that worker of traditional industrial art object industry of Motoichi performs to plan upbringing and market expansion of traditional industrial art object industry.

Industrial art object business talk promotion business subsidy program

[we start application for new subsidy program receptionist in 2018!]

For the purpose of market reclamation of industrial art object, we support a part of the expense for production, processing, sale company or worker in the city holding display business talk meeting, exhibition.

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Traditional industrial art object designation production center


Economic Affairs Division Marketing Skill Department Craft Policy Promotion Department
Phone number 076-220-2373
FAX number: 076-260-7191

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