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Designated manager system, PFI

Designated manager system

Purpose of system

Designation manager system was introduced for the purpose of improvement of inhabitants service and reduction of expense while utilizing private ability to support inhabitants needs to diversify precisely, and to contribute to management of effective and effective public facility (part revised (June, 2003 promulgation of Local Government Act, September 2 enforcement)).
In this way, thing acting for management of public facility will be enlarged in not only public group but also private business people such as companies such as foundations.

With "public facility"

It is facility established for public interest with purpose to increase the welfare of inhabitants and, like public hall and library, Public hall, is to establish matter about the setting and management in the regulations.

Approach of Motoichi

Choice result of designated manager candidate by open call for participants

Business evaluation result of designated manager

Civic administrative evaluation result of designated manager system introduction facility


PFI (Private Finance Initiative: private finance initiative) is technique to utilize private fund, management skills and technical ability, and to perform construction, maintenance, administration such as public facilities.
In our country in July, 1999 "law (the PFI method) about promotion such as maintenance such as public facilities by inflection such as private funds was established, and basic policy about conduct of PFI business of country based on the law was devised in March, 2000, and frame of PFI business was established.

In Motoichi, we devised "Kanazawa-shi PFI basic policy" in December, 2002.
We made this policy based on examination result by project in agency and Kanazawa-shi PFI business Exploratory Committee which consisted of people of learning and experience and various guidelines on country, and established basic way of thinking and procedure of PFI introduction in Motoichi.

In addition, we decide to consider based on PFI basic policies when we perform basic design about maintenance of public facilities, development such as basic plan and development of policy about management administration of public facilities, review based on "guideline to examine a variety of PPP/PFI technique introduction with precedence" of country whether introduction of PPP/PFI technique is appropriate.


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