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Kanazawa-shi administrative reform

Kanazawa-shi administrative reform general rules

 Please send opinion about general rules, execution plan and overall administrative reform and suggestion.
 It is convenient when applied by this.

We publish summary, the meeting point of administrative reform promotion Committee.

Kanazawa-shi administrative reform promotion Committee

The approach situation about local administration service reform

 About local administration service reform, it was decided to carry out "ka with a view of the approach situation, policy" in each local public entity in "about notice of Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications notice matter about promotion of local administration service reform" in August, 2015.

 As we gathered the approach situation about local public service reform in Motoichi according to the attachment, we announce according to the attachment.

Organization mechanism

Based on Kanazawa-shi administrative reform general rules (the sixth), we push forward review to plain, effective organization mechanism.

Management target

We set management target every each workplace at the beginning of year and it becomes staff bullet for accomplishment and wrestles.


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FAX number: 076-261-7755

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