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Kanazawa-shi opening data portal


With open data

 We offer public data in the second available form and want to connect Kanazawa-shi with citizen's convenience improvement and local activation by having various services such as private business people utilize.
 According to licenses of each data, please use for web page or application, printed matter freely.

Data which are released now

Ishikawa center urban area opening data

We disclose facility information of Ishikawa center urban area (Kanazawa-shi, Hakusan-shi, Kahoku-shi, Nonoichi-shi, Tsubata-machi, Uchinada-machi) from thing that we were ready with common format in each municipality. Please use.
To Ishikawa center urban area opening data page

Kanazawa-shi opening data

To Kanazawa-shi opening data catalogue page
※We can move from lower image link to each page.

Image image of open data catalogue page
Kanazawa-shi opening data catalogue

Image image 2 of open data catalogue page
Kanazawa-shi image opening data

Image image 4 of open data catalogue page
Event information (Kanazawa-shi)

Image image 3 of open data catalogue page
Event information (Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development Foundation)

We can become open data and list

 We provide list that becoming is available for open data by requests now although we are not released as open data. We are released as open data immediately if we can hear from for "data request" when exhibition as open data is hoped for about data in list.
   When exhibition as open data is hoped for about data which list does not have, please contact for "data request" in the same way. If it is information that is released on Motoichi homepage and data which Motoichi holds, we cope for exhibition. (as a result of data management section and examination, please note that you may not be released.)

Open data utilization example

 We settled example of service and application that utilized data which were released in Motoichi, and were made. Please see from the following pages.
To inflection example page of open data

Approach of open data promotion

We promote utilization of community data in private enterprise by promoting development by private enterprise of smartphone leading to local problem solution that utilized open data and tablet type for computer terminals application and hold for the purpose of planning improvement of administrative transparency, reliability and regional activation.
Other than summary of open data and open data measure of Kanazawa-shi, we actually introduce battle front of open data including example introduction from company where open data of Kanazawa-shi are utilized. (Tuesday, March 24, 2015 holding)

We support open data policy that countries of the world and public institutions of cities work on, and international open data D is global event to promote the use.

Terms of use

We hope that we have open data of Kanazawa-shi obey the following terms on the use.

Kanazawa-shi opening data terms of use (135 kbytes)pdf


Urban Policy Division Information Policy Division ICT promotion room
Phone number 076-220-2014
FAX number: 076-220-2777

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