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About accommodation tax

We polish the history, tradition, Motoichi charm peculiar to including culture and raise to plan sustainable sightseeing promotion in accord with civic life in  Kanazawa-shi and relax influence on civic life and, as structure connected for attractive town development for living person, both sides of person visiting, aim at introduction from April, 2019 of accommodation tax.

1.Process of examination

  • November
    • Discussion meeting of the Kanazawa Japan Committee for Economic Development and the mayor
      • There is suggestion about introduction of accommodation tax like Kanazawa from the Kanazawa Japan Committee for Economic Development, and the mayor expresses examination
  • December
    • Moon assembly regular in Kanazawa-shi assembly December
      • It is statement in there being suggestion about introduction of accommodation tax in plenary session, and the mayor considering


2.Examination result

(1) Purpose

We raise the history, tradition of Kanazawa, inherent charm including culture and allot for expense to need for measure to plan promotion of sustainable sightseeing in accord with civic life

(2) Purpose (new thing or to expand is best) that is assumed

Oh, promotion of the history, tradition, culture to polish individuality of town
  • Maintenance of historic namachinamiya scenery
  • Support (teahouse, geisha) of traditional culture, traditional arts
  • The succession, promotion of food culture
  • Promotion of traditional culture, Traditional craft
  • Attractive improvement of night scenery
  • Promotion of non-utility pole project
  • New attractive dispatch including building culture

Improvement of acceptance environment of i tourist
  • Reinforcement of inbound measures
  • Support to repair to raise Hospitality of the accommodations
  • Raise of promotion for attracting tourists in off-season
  • Promotion of sightseeing in wide area and medium-and-long term stay
  • Promotion of town development to be able to walk
  • Invitation, holding of culture event athletic meet
  • Promotion of culture, sports tourism
  • Improvement of MICE, sports facility
  • Improvement of night sightseeing
  • Promotion of barrier-free sightseeing
  • Correspondence to labor shortage of accommodation company

Promotion of sustainable sightseeing in accord with citizen of cormorant City life
  • Reinforcement of monitoring, instruction for the accommodations of impermissibility, without notice appearance
  • Prevention of annoying acts such as littering
  • Improvement of public transport
  • Improvement of convenience of rent-a-bicycle ""Machinori" bicycle service"
  • Improvement of that pedestrian environment which is town
  • Support of elderly person nomachinakadeno shopping
  • Securing of security, relief at the time of disaster of both citizen, tourists


(3) System contents

   Accommodation in house performing staying in hotel, inn in the taxpayer city, simple accommodations or house business
   About a tax rate one night the hotel charges (room without meals)
          Less than 20,000 yen 200 yen
          It is 500 yen more than 20,000 yen


Urban Policy Division Planning and Coordination Department
Phone number 076-220-2031
FAX number: 076-264-2535

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